Introducing Apollo

Choosing the right solar asset management provider means ensuring that all aspects are going to be covered comprehensively and flexibly to suit your needs.  First, the provider needs to have a deep local technical knowledge and in-country experience in order to understand the solar assets from a core engineering point of view. Second, the provider must be able to produce accurate, data-verified, bilingual reporting on a timely basis. Third, the provider needs to have sophisticated, yet clear and correct, financial reporting experience to inform multiple stakeholders, not only the equity investors, but also other service providers, utility off-takers, local governments, as well as national regulators and agencies.


The technology of Apollo provides the core quantitative foundation for excellence in solar asset management.  Combined with the unparalleled combined technical experience of the REM team, Apollo delivers reliable and robust technical and reporting capabilities for superior asset management.  How is this possible?  REM stakeholders have spent over three years on active research and development in real world conditions in Japan.  This R&D effort, tested in multiple projects throughout Japan, has allowed us to develop technology with speed, accuracy and flexibility.  We developed Apollo specifically to meet our own high standards to interpret the core data quickly and effectively.  REM has feedback data from over 95 plants in Japan that are already in operation.  REM uses this proprietary data in order to improve the predictive analytics of Apollo.  We have consulted on a combined 850+ solar assets in Japan to all major companies in solar projects in Japan.  We are also tracking over 3200 solar plants in the Japanese market.  The reputation of the Apollo technology has led to requests from local governments and major utilities to review our unique and large data set and to hire Apollo for consulting projects. 


We believe that Apollo brings some of the fastest, most accurate and most cutting edge technology available in the technical solar asset marketplace. Apollo is constantly evolving and improving with its GW track record. The next step for REM will be to bridge the Apollo technology from the cloud layer to the agnostic blockchain layers, and we are actively developing this system in parallel to the current commercial system deployed in the field.  We also find ourselves at the cutting edge of the solar energy blockchain technology.



  • Analytics layer that uses solar module technology databases and algorithms to detect faults.
  • String, multi-string or PCS level agnostic.
  • SCADA based Monitoring. Additional options.
  • Cloud Based Logins.
  • User profiles (Investor, owner, operator, customer).
  • Users can directly program alarms that are pushed to email.
  • Customizable Performance Ratios according to user profile and O&M contract.
  • 128 bit encryption – as secure as a bank login.
  • Customizible widgets that can be easily graphically programmed.
  • Download to .csv. 
  • Two click PDF reporting.


  • Monitoring the energy output and meteorological data of a PV Plant lets you understand the daily energy production and performance according to pre-defined goals. 
  • Monitoring combined with quick and effective maintenance has been proven to increase investment yield.

Simple & Easy

  • Plug & Play approach lets you connect everything without configuration and problems.
  • Retrofit solutions.
  • No additional software required.
  • All popular communication protocols used.
  • Daily and monthly reports can be downloaded in 6 languages.